David Orchard
The Orchard-MacKay Agreement
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Text of the agreement signed by Peter MacKay and David Orchard forming the basis for Orchard's final-ballot support for MacKay at the PC Party Leadership Convention, May 31, 2003.

The agreement was published in the Globe and Mail, June 5, 2003 under the heading "Tory leadership deal. Peter MacKay won David Orchard's support at the Tory leadership convention based on a deal hastily scrawled on a piece of paper."

1) No merger, joint candidates w[ith] the Alliance. Maintain 301.

2) Review of FTA/NAFTA -- blue ribbon commission with David Orchard w[ith] choice of chair w[ith] PM agreement. Rest of members to be jointly agreed upon.

3) Clean up of head office including change of national director w[ith] consultation (timing w[ithin] reasonable period in future, pre-election) and some of DO's people working at head office.

4) Commitment to make environmental protection front and centre and sustainable agriculture, forestry, reducing pollution through rail.

[Signed by Peter MacKay and David Orchard]

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